Matthew Mull


Certified Personal Trainer

      Matt's love for fitness and personal training began with his AS degree in Sports Nutrition from Morrisville State University. Soon after, he decided to further his knowledge of the human body with a BS in Biology/Pre-PT from Widener University. It was then clear that he would continue on to become a certified personal trainer and pursue a career as a fitness professional. After becoming certified with the American Council On Exercise, as well as Functional Movement Systems 1&2, Matt spent nine years personal training and managing gyms. In 2015, Matt opened Functionally Fit Personal training. Matt is dedicated to building a team that is willing to consistently go above and beyond what is necesary to bring results to its clientele.
Through his years of experience Matt has been able to improve the lives of many types of clientele:
-Seniors over 65 years of age
-Athletes (college and recreational)
-Clients recovering from an injury (post-rehab) such as broken bones, sprains/strains, torn ACLs, tendonitis, frozen shoulders, amputees and many more 
-Clients suffering from high blood pressure, MS, heart conditions, arthritis, parkinson's, scoliosis, and many more