Our Philosophy

 NO fad diets, NO fancy machines


 We have dedicated ourselves to designing the most client focused, results driven and life changing exercise programs in the Philadelphia area. Our philosophy can be described with two words functionality and individuality.

Without a clear purpose a workout is just a series of exercises strung together. Each exercise you perform should have a function in your everyday life. This is precisely why our programs are centered around functionality and making daily activities easier to perform and pain free. Being "Functionally Fit" is not just another exercise fad, it is the key to a well balanced body. 



Each individual will respond differently to exercise and therefore requires a carefully tailored program to achieve success. When we design our programs we take into account movement screens, current fitness level, exercise history, physical limitations, personal goals, nutrition and so on. This will allow us to make certain that the exercise program we prescribe is specific to YOU and no one else.