What We Offer

 1-on-1 Personal Training

       (one trainer + one trainee)       

1-on-1 personal training is the single most effective way to get fit and stay fit. Each individual we work with receives our undivided attention from start to finish with an emphasis on form and safety.

What to expect from our training programs

FREE Consultation

An assessment will allow us to uncover any physical limitations, compensations or dysfunctional movement patterns that could negatively affect your workout. With these results we can make certain that the program we design is both safe and effective.


Corrective Exercise

The way a body moves is a direct indication of how ready it is for exercise. If needed we will first direct our attention to any dysfunctions, structural deviations or compensations that could negatively affect your results or lead to injury. 

Strength Training

A body with lean muscle will burn more calories at rest, therefore making it easier to lose or maintain your weight. We will design a strength training program that will optimize calorie burn as well as help you to develop lean toned muscle in a safe and effective way. 

Cardiovascular Endurance and Conditioning 

We will incorporate cardiovascular exercise into your program in the form of interval training. This form of exercise will help to burn more calories during and after your workout as well as boost your metabolism and make for a fun and exciting program.

Nutritional Guidance

Due to the fact that we are not registered dietitians we are restricted from providing specific nutritional plans but we are able to provide guidance. We will suggest healthy substitutes as well as provide balanced recipes and nutritional facts to help you make better meal choices.