Testimonials & Reviews

 For over 30 years, I worked out very hard on my own,  but it was not until after I started with Matt at Functionally Fit that I obtained the maximum results that I always expected from how hard and how often I worked out.  I suspect that when I worked out by myself, although I worked hard, it was neither as efficient or as tailored to my body and individual needs as with a personal trainer.  In short, I did not have the physique, strength, balance or endurance I expected from all the work I was doing.

        When I retired from  full time employment, I worked with first one than another big box gym personal trainer.   While the results certainly exceeded what I could do on my own, I still felt that for the amount of work I did the results were disappointing. My workouts were not tailored to my needs, and I received no guidance on how to work out on days when I worked out without a trainer. All that changed when I began to work out with Matt. I made more progress and gained more lean muscle mass and strength and balance than at anytime in a lifetime of working out.  Matt's guidance of me in specifically tailored workouts has produced measurable and noticeable results. For example, before Matt, I could never bench press or squat more than 80 lbs. without strain or injury.  Now, with no discomfort, I am bench pressing and squating 125 lbs.; and I am confident I can do more.  With my increased strength and balance has come increased confidence. Matt has also given me cardio workouts to do on days when I do not train with him.  

        Matt is very commited to making sure I use perfect form every repetition as we progress to new and more complex exercises.  He has excellent knowledge of the body, and I learn something new about exercise and my body every session.  Although Matt works me harder than I have ever worked before, his good humor makes it fun. He keeps me focused with constant guidance and encouragement. I look forward to training  with Matt at least two times a week, hopefully for the rest of my life and to getting stronger and stronger and feeling better and better.

-David Donaldson

"Functionally Fit is a hidden gem in the Philadelphia personal fitness community. Matt (who is the proprietor) of the establishment puts his heart and soul into training each client individually. Having a background in Biology, he devises an individualized exercise routine based on each client's physical capacities and goals. He then observes and actively solicits feedback to constantly tailor the routine. The result is that the routine is constantly evolving and remains challenging but is never overwhelming. I have never interacted with an individual as patient and determined as Matt. You will experience consistent improvement if you follow his routine and actively provide him feedback. As an added bonus, Matt also makes suggestions about dietary adjustments which will provide additional benefit. At Functionally Fit, there are no fad exercises or equipment. Matt sticks to proven exercises that will help improve mental and physical strength and which you will actually enjoy doing. I have been training with him for more than a year. When I first walked in, I was weak after a long-term illness and was wary of big-box, impersonal gyms crammed full of people. At Functionally Fit, I get dedicated space and personal attention without any interruption. Today, I am on the path to recovery and that is in no small part due to Matt's personal commitment."

- Karan Jain

"I've been working with Matt for 2.5 months now and I couldn't be more happy with my results thus far. I went to Matt overweight and out of shape given multiple sports injuries that inhibited me from working out as much as I would've liked. Matt used the perfect amount of caution with my injuries and developed a plan that has led me to lose 15 pounds from when I first started. Matt is a true professional and can work with anyone who is looking to lose weight, get tone or generally feel better about themselves for a reasonable cost. No matter your age, size, or weight he will develop a customized work out plan to fit your needs and will help step by step to help you achieve your goals."

- Kevin Dougherty

"I feel so lucky to have found Functionally Fit and Matt !! He is such an attentive and knowledgable trainer. He watches over you to always makes sure your form is correct and you aren't hurting yourself. He has a great understanding of the human body, he knows when to push and when to let you rest. He is punctual, organized, respectful and sometimes funny... - all great qualities of a personal trainer! :)

I've been working out with him for about 3 months now and I'm seeing great results, I'm getting toned, feeling stronger and better about myself. I definitely recommend him to anyone who wants real, long term results!"

-Inna Solovey

"I've been training with Matt for 3 years now and cannot recommend a more qualified and invested trainer than him. I've trained with Matt through 2 pregnancies (went full term) and 2 post-partum periods and with each pregnancy have been able to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight faster each time. I attribute this mostly to Matt! He works closely with you to attain your personal weight and fitness goals and he is constantly varying the work out routines. The Functionally Fit studio is a great space and is easy to get to from anywhere in the city. All in all, I highly recommend Matt and his team of trainers!"

- Susan Pello